Sunday, August 22, 2010

What $20 Can Get You...

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My Favorite Picture of Calvin

I love this picture of Calvin... I took it with a little point and shoot, but my friend Amanda edited to make it look lovely. He has grown up so much since then... I need to take one of his sweet little baby curls now.

Some Summer Stuff

This summer we did a lot of fun things... we just didn't have a camera to capture them. My cell phone even died so we didn't even get them on there. (I did get a new cell phone so I will post the pictures from it.)
Some of the fun things we did include: St. George and touring Brigham Young's winter home, the mountains for the 4th of July, petting tigers at the Sevier Co. Fair, Jeremy and the kids went camping of the 24th of July and I went to Usborne National Convention, bridal and baby showers and Kellie's wedding, pageant and swimming lessons.

Okay... it looks like the only pictures I have are of Calvin and Will. I guess the big kids were too busy playing with friends, riding bikes, being on the farm, etc. to get their pictures taken.
Will was attacked by wasps.
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He LOVES watermelon
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Grandpa Cragun with Calvin and Bailey
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