Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fallen Off the Face of the Blogging Planet

We don't have a camera right now... so I haven't taken many pictures... and I think a post without pictures is boring... so I have posted. There is my excuse. Someday when my kids are reading this family history there will be a gap of this summer/fall, but that is life. I guess I should get a new camera. I've been trying to hold out until the day after Thanksgiving sales, but I don't want to take Calvin's first birthday pictures with my cell phone.

Anyway, here is Calvin. He is quite the climber... especially when he want to see or touch something.

 A better shot of "what" he had climbed on.
 And here is after having a Matthew change his diaper. I think it is the first diaper Matthew has ever changed and other than the fact that it is backwards he did an excellent job.
 Cal in his BYU jersey. He looks SO cute in it.
 Speaking of BYU... we have season tickets! And after months of anticipation we had to sell half of them because they conflicted with Jer's EMT class. BUMMER! But we have LOVED being back in the stadium.
 We have AWESOME neighbors! On the morning of Ashton's birthday, Katie looked out the window and saw this on their garage. How great is that!
 Ashton with his farm scene cake Grandma Cox made him.
 And with his "Holly" (New Holland Tractor) cake that I made him. It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself.
Jeremy bought two goats. They try to sneak in the house and sometimes succeed. It has been fun to have them, but really, really, really annoying.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What the Kids Want for Christmas

William: Useful, big, toy crane & pajamas
Ashton: Builder set & another builder set
Katie: Nintendo DS, necklace, Santa's autograph
Matthew: For all the poor people and the homeless to have presents. Then, if there is any time left  a shelf for his scriptures.

The 1900s

My kids have a funny view of time. For example, in FHE this week Katie was telling us about Lorenzo Snow and how he died in 1901 and then she added, "That means he was alive around the same time as mom and dad because they grew up in the 1900s."

Later, she told us about George Albert Smith who was married when he was 22 years old. At that point Matthew shouted, "Hey, that is when I'm going to try to get married." This led Ashton to ask Jeremy, "Who was born first, you or mom?" Jer said, "Me." Ashton had knowing look on his face and said, "OH! That explains why you are taller."

Another funny statement from the same FHE... Katie said, "Sometimes Heavenly Father and Jesus see what you're struggling with and they tell the prophets and then they talk about it in General Conference. Me, Dad, and Matt experienced that." (She was referring to advice on no sleepovers, being home more, and not spending too much time playing video games.)