Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum...

I really love listening to Taylor Swift. She is beautiful and her songs have such a depth and maturity. I love some of the phrases in her writing. One I noticed today was "a careless man's careful daughter." I love good writing! Anyway, Taylor Swifts songs really take me back to my high school and college days... dating, heartbreak, falling in love... when each day was exciting and intense.

So tonight Jeremy and I were watching some music videos on YouTube. We started with this Bruno Mars one which was good. Then we watched some new Taylor Swift videos and we liked those. YouTube suggested that we watch some Lady Antebellum clips. I commented on how many of my middle-aged friends really loved Lady Antebellum, but I didn't know anything about them. So we watched and I realized I DID in fact know and recognize their songs.. and I also realized why my middle-aged friends liked them so much (especially compared to younger artists like Taylor Swift) and then sadly... I realized... I could relate to them more than I could Taylor Swift. ... Having a childhood vs. Having a past... Taking me back vs. My emotions now... I am old.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1 Year Old!!

A year ago, our sweet little guy made a dramatic entrance into the world. He was so sweet and tiny... and loved so much...
 And now here he is opening presents...

 And eating dairy free birthday cake (angel food cake, strawberries, and cool whip)...

 He can run; tries to jump; puts EVERYTHING in his mouth; comforts his siblings when they are sad; gives hugs and kisses; and says: mom, dad, go, no, and Go Cougars! And he is still SO, SO loved!

And the people who CAN enjoy dairy products ate this ice cream cupcake cake that Kiersten made.

Happy Birthday Calvin! We can't imagine life without you!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fallen Off the Face of the Blogging Planet

We don't have a camera right now... so I haven't taken many pictures... and I think a post without pictures is boring... so I have posted. There is my excuse. Someday when my kids are reading this family history there will be a gap of this summer/fall, but that is life. I guess I should get a new camera. I've been trying to hold out until the day after Thanksgiving sales, but I don't want to take Calvin's first birthday pictures with my cell phone.

Anyway, here is Calvin. He is quite the climber... especially when he want to see or touch something.

 A better shot of "what" he had climbed on.
 And here is after having a Matthew change his diaper. I think it is the first diaper Matthew has ever changed and other than the fact that it is backwards he did an excellent job.
 Cal in his BYU jersey. He looks SO cute in it.
 Speaking of BYU... we have season tickets! And after months of anticipation we had to sell half of them because they conflicted with Jer's EMT class. BUMMER! But we have LOVED being back in the stadium.
 We have AWESOME neighbors! On the morning of Ashton's birthday, Katie looked out the window and saw this on their garage. How great is that!
 Ashton with his farm scene cake Grandma Cox made him.
 And with his "Holly" (New Holland Tractor) cake that I made him. It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself.
Jeremy bought two goats. They try to sneak in the house and sometimes succeed. It has been fun to have them, but really, really, really annoying.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What the Kids Want for Christmas

William: Useful, big, toy crane & pajamas
Ashton: Builder set & another builder set
Katie: Nintendo DS, necklace, Santa's autograph
Matthew: For all the poor people and the homeless to have presents. Then, if there is any time left  a shelf for his scriptures.

The 1900s

My kids have a funny view of time. For example, in FHE this week Katie was telling us about Lorenzo Snow and how he died in 1901 and then she added, "That means he was alive around the same time as mom and dad because they grew up in the 1900s."

Later, she told us about George Albert Smith who was married when he was 22 years old. At that point Matthew shouted, "Hey, that is when I'm going to try to get married." This led Ashton to ask Jeremy, "Who was born first, you or mom?" Jer said, "Me." Ashton had knowing look on his face and said, "OH! That explains why you are taller."

Another funny statement from the same FHE... Katie said, "Sometimes Heavenly Father and Jesus see what you're struggling with and they tell the prophets and then they talk about it in General Conference. Me, Dad, and Matt experienced that." (She was referring to advice on no sleepovers, being home more, and not spending too much time playing video games.)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What $20 Can Get You...

A large pizza and breadsticks without cheese
All these books,
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And an amazing OPPORTUNITY to promote literacy, get free books, 
and make money!
You can contact me at if you want more info! This offer ends Aug. 30 @ 9 am.

My Favorite Picture of Calvin

I love this picture of Calvin... I took it with a little point and shoot, but my friend Amanda edited to make it look lovely. He has grown up so much since then... I need to take one of his sweet little baby curls now.

Some Summer Stuff

This summer we did a lot of fun things... we just didn't have a camera to capture them. My cell phone even died so we didn't even get them on there. (I did get a new cell phone so I will post the pictures from it.)
Some of the fun things we did include: St. George and touring Brigham Young's winter home, the mountains for the 4th of July, petting tigers at the Sevier Co. Fair, Jeremy and the kids went camping of the 24th of July and I went to Usborne National Convention, bridal and baby showers and Kellie's wedding, pageant and swimming lessons.

Okay... it looks like the only pictures I have are of Calvin and Will. I guess the big kids were too busy playing with friends, riding bikes, being on the farm, etc. to get their pictures taken.
Will was attacked by wasps.
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He LOVES watermelon
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Grandpa Cragun with Calvin and Bailey
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Girl and Her Baby Brother

I love to watch Katie with her brothers. She especially loves to play with, care of, and be around Calvin. He adores her too!

Stacie & Stephen: THE WEDDING

May Day

May Day... way back in, you know... MAY!... was cute as usual. It was also bittersweet for Katie who did not want to leave first grade and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Jordan. The kids had a great time and after the performance enjoyed the traditional lunch with Grandpa at Tin Plate/Roys/Pollies.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June... Where did you go?

So, June was crazy and I have no pictures right now, because Stacie borrowed my camera for her honeymoon and it broke... so I will scrounge up and see what I can find, later. BUT JUNE WAS CRAZY... I am so glad it is over. Here is a summary:

Weeks 1 & 2... WEDDING STUFF... making cookies, going to the temple, shopping for wedding clothes, etc.; pageant practices; four kids in swimming lessons; Wedding!
Week 3 & 4... Pageant performances, Seven Peaks water park, Two Usborne Books booths!
Week 4 1/2... Trafalga, Little Girl Cheer Camp and two Usborne parties!

The pictures from the wedding are really cute... now I just need to post them!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Will is saying the funniest things tonight... like:

Will: I've looked everywhere and I can't find my John Deere tractor. Will you buy me a new one tomorrow?
Me: We'll see.
Will: See ONLINE that means look for a new tractor online!
???How does he know about online shopping???

Levi: Who is this picture?
Will: It was me when I was a baby. I was a cute baby that day and I am still cute now! Katie was a cute baby and she is cute now. Ashton was cute back then and is still cute now! We were all cute babies and cute now! (Getting more excited with each sentence.)

Will: Mom, you aren't fat.
Me: Thanks, Will.
Will: But Dad is fat.
(Let's just hope Jeremy doesn't read this post. Ha ha.)

Will: Levi, did you know your brother is my uncle?
Levi: Yeah. Did you know I'm your uncle.
Will: Oh.
Me: What brother is your uncle.
Will: Andy and Steve-o!!!!

Will: Mom, our house is just great!

Will: Levi, where is your car? Is it the brand dan? (Grand am)

Will: Levi, my mom is going to look online for me a new tractor tomorrow.
Levi: Why don't you ask Santa Clause for one.
Will: Okay, I will.
15 minutes later...
Will: I'm going to play with my new tractor when Santa bring it to me tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Important Post!

On my much-neglected "other" blog I have an important post for ALL parents. Here is the link:

p.s. If you have success stories/habits that help with summer reading or developing the reading habit in general please leave a comment on that blog and share them. I will compile them into a post later. Thanks!


Last week I had a book party in Green River, WY. Instead of making the 4 hour drive to and from the party myself we decided to take the opportunity to take a tax deductible vacation. We pulled the kids out of school an hour early and drove to WY. While I was in my party, Jer & the kids swam at our hotel, enjoyed a free dinner at the hotel, and watched some nature shows. Our hotel room was AWESOME and we had a wonderful time! The next morning, we visited Fort Bridger and then ate lunch and visited the Olympic Park Museum in Park City. We learned so much at both locations and had a wonderful time!

Because of our busy "wedding schedule" we won't be taking a regular summer vacation this year, but hope to do some more excursions like this one.