Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bed Time Without Daddy

Why do my children listen to Jeremy so much better than they do to me? Tonight I angrily sent them to bed before scriptures were read, chores were fully completed and piano was adequately practiced because a fight over who was practicing first ended up in Matthew having a bloody nose. (They both wanted to practice right then.)

Katie knows she is trouble for the bloody nose and having done very little on her chores. I sprayed "Monster Spray" under Will's bed to scare away the monsters and have threatened Ashton with being grounded tomorrow.

And yet, Will just said, "I don't believe in Monster Spray. Now there are monsters AND crocodiles under my bed." He and Ashton are currently reading tractor books in the hall. And I can hear Katie in her room reading instead of sleeping.

Thankfully, Matthew, "the obedient child" as he calls himself, practiced, worked and is asleep.

Okay... update... Ashton is on the stairs hiding and Will is sitting in my bed saying, "Mom, I'm going to color with you tonight!" Now, he is DELIGHTED because he just drew an excellent circle. "That is cool! Mom!" By the way, while I am typing this Ashton has joined the coloring party. And Katie is telling me I never have time for them because we didn't read scriptures or Nancy Drew tonight.
But I guarantee that if Jeremy were home tonight all four kids would be sound asleep by now. And they would have practiced their piano, finished their work, and received spiritual nourishment and we would have read Nancy Drew. Also, there would not be a trail of blood from my living room to the kids' bathroom or blood drips all over the toilet, floor, and vanity. There would be a lot less contention around here.
p.s. Ashton just said, "I've got to tell you something weird about me. I don't fall asleep at night. I sleep in the morning." This from our little alarm clock.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

State Fair

I really liked Rodgers and Hammerstein's State Fair when I was younger, but only had a few vague memories of what the State Fair was REALLY like. I think we only went a couple of times when my 4-H projects made it to the State Fair.
Now... I go every year to sell books at the fair. It is quite different than I remember. Luckily for my kids though, Jeremy has brought them up at least once each year to enjoy the fair while I work my booth. This has turned into a nice tradition for our family. The kids have seen some really cool things and had great experiences. Here are some pictures from their visit this year.

p.s. If you are planning on attending the fair stop by the Usborne Books booth in the Market Building (near the sheep) and buy some amazing, educational children's books. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Menu Ideas

I really enjoy the blog "Eat at Home." Recently, Tiffany (the blogger) has started posting weekly menus and shopping lists. The menus have been very affordable, easy and it's been nice to try some new things. (Plus since she has four kids too they are perfectly portioned for us.) If you feel stuck in a food rut (like I did) I highly recommend her weekly menus. Here is the link: http://eatathomecooks.com/weekly-menus. You can get to her website from the button on my sidebar.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awesome Deal...

I have two dates left in September for Usborne Book parties that I need to fill asap. So if you (or anyone you know) would like to host a fun, easy party (I'll do all the work) this month you'll learn about something new, get LOTS of free books, have fun, AND you can choose a bonus gift of:

The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales, plus CD... my #1 seller. Perfect for boys and girls 0-8 years.

ORThe Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia... my #2 most popular book... perfect for ages 4 to adult (seriously, Jer and I learn from this book all the time!)

OR Any set of for 65% off

Plus, we have AMAZING... seriously truly AMAZING.... New Titles (including lots of Christmas ones) just released.

I am happy to travel to do parties!

You can email me at: jill@utahusbornebooks.com if you have any questions. Thanks!!