Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum...

I really love listening to Taylor Swift. She is beautiful and her songs have such a depth and maturity. I love some of the phrases in her writing. One I noticed today was "a careless man's careful daughter." I love good writing! Anyway, Taylor Swifts songs really take me back to my high school and college days... dating, heartbreak, falling in love... when each day was exciting and intense.

So tonight Jeremy and I were watching some music videos on YouTube. We started with this Bruno Mars one which was good. Then we watched some new Taylor Swift videos and we liked those. YouTube suggested that we watch some Lady Antebellum clips. I commented on how many of my middle-aged friends really loved Lady Antebellum, but I didn't know anything about them. So we watched and I realized I DID in fact know and recognize their songs.. and I also realized why my middle-aged friends liked them so much (especially compared to younger artists like Taylor Swift) and then sadly... I realized... I could relate to them more than I could Taylor Swift. ... Having a childhood vs. Having a past... Taking me back vs. My emotions now... I am old.