Friday, June 3, 2011

More Funny Things...

Will: I am so, so, so grateful for my family.
Me: Why are you grateful for your family.
Will: Because I love my whole family, and that includes Ashton. Ashton, I love my whole family including you.
Ashton: Thanks Will. If I didn't have my family I would just ask someone to kill me because I would want to be with them.

A few minutes later Ashton randomly said, "Mom, who invented the Internet?" I resisted the temptation to say, "Al Gore." And said, "A bunch of people who worked in the government." This was not satisfying... he wanted to know their NAMES. :)

Funny Things...

With 5 kids at our house, there is always someone saying something funny. But as I was reading the news on my computer, I *just* heard Ashton tell his cousins (as the walked in the door), "Welcome Aboard the U.S.O." I guess they are pretending our house is a ship. And that reminded me of an exchange that happened yesterday. After a not so great dentist appointment, (Katie has one cavity, Will had one filled, plus still has 3-4 more visits to get them all done, and Ashton has 5 cavities) I was driving home and heard this...

Katie: Ashton, no offense, but you don't brush your teeth good enough. That is why you have so many cavities.
Katie: I said, no offense!
Ashton: Well, offense is still taken!

I admit... I was laughing a lot!