Sunday, March 31, 2013

February 23

My kids amuse me!
I couldn't help, but laugh to myself when I saw the magnet board with this on it.

And here's Ashton's purchases with his paper money from the month. Trix cereal, white bread, batteries, a toy for Calvin, a Skylander for Matthew, and a little toy for himself. I love that kid!

February 22

Today was the last day of the Ephraim Elementary book fair. These are some the books Calvin and Ashton chose. One of my favorite parts of my job is that I can spoil my kids with books. When Ashton was little he said, "We may not have lots of money, but we are book rich." I am so happy my kids love to read and learn new things.

February 21

They LOVE baths! Sophie gets so excited! She loves to kick and splash and Calvin loves to "swim." They also love each other... it makes me so happy!

February 19-20

So... I guess I missed another couple of days. Let's just say I had a book fair going on then. BUT this sums up the first part of that week, for sure! Our piano was delivered! We let Kiersten play it first since she was leaving on her mission soon. Katie played it next. After the rest of us had a turn Katie and Kiersten played and sang songs from Wicked for awhile! I will never grow tired of listening to them sing!

February 18

Stacie came down for the long weekend and Sophie and Haylie were little twiners (gray fleece with pink hearts). I just love these three girls!

February 16 and 17

I love Sophia in her cupcake dress! She has so many cupcake things... blankets, hair bows, a couple of outfits, a couple of pairs of pjs... it is so fun! I think it is perfect since I LOVE gourmet cupcakes. :)

Somehow I missed the 17th... bummer!

February 15

This is what February was for me... Reach for the Stars!! Each week I was either kicking off one, working at the book fair at the end, or doing the paperwork for one. It was a lot of work, but by the end of the month I had $1,800 saved for our Mediterranean cruise in May.

February 14

Wow... I have a month's worth of photos to catch up on! That feels SO overwhelming! It has been a very busy month. :) Here it goes...

February 14... Valentine's Day... was also Sophie's 5th month "birthday." Here she is in her February tutu. She kept putting the toule in her mouth. I think she liked the texture.

For our Valentine's Day date, Jer took me to lunch at one of the only places I could eat (without Sophie getting sick later), Tucanos. It was so fun and delicious. After lunch we went to the Piano Gallery to check out their sale. Our piano was in serious need of tuning and major repairs. It really wasn't functioning well as a piano. After spending a couple of hours in the store (and being prepared to leave without a purchase) we ending up getting a great deal on a beautiful piano. The kids called while we were there to tell us about a different piano sale and were so excited when we told them we had just purchased a new piano! It was definitely my best Valentine's Day ever!