Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We finally bought Calvin some toys and now the little boys think they need to entertain him constantly. This morning they have been singing to him. In addition to traditional lullabies Will sang him this:

Once upon a time there was an alien
And he lived in a castle with a monster
And the princess saw them an she was scared.
Let's sing it again!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Phone Pictures

There are so many times I see cute things and wish I had a camera handy. Lots of times I have my phone, but as you can see the pictures just aren't the same.

FYI... If your 3 year old ever spills oats on the carpet and then drives trucks through them, do not, I repeat DO NOT, try to clean it up with a vacuum with a beater brush. It will mostly just "roll" the oats and leave an oat powder (suitable for feeding farm animals) behind.

Cal sleeping on my bed.
Jer reading to the kids. Too bad I didn't use a real camera. This picture would have been cute.
Christmas plates for neighbors: orange icebox cookies, meltaway cookies, mint brownies, whole wheat bread. Those look good. I miss Christmas treats.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nine... Yes, NINE Shots!

Today was Calvin's two month check up and so of course he had to get his immunizations. Three shots for the little guy. His three shots reminded us that Ashton and William were behind on their immunizations. So, we had Jeremy's mom look it up on her health department computer and sure enough they both needed 3 shots too. So 3x3=9 shots in one morning.
Ashton and Will were not happy. As Ashton said on the way home, "I was screaming like crazy!" "Me too!" Will added. Mom and Dad felt like screaming too, boys.
Calvin is growing so fast! Too fast! At two months, 1 week he is:
12.44 lbs. (64%)
23.5 in. (67%)

It's Great to Be Eight

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Baptism, A Baby Blessing, and Some Birthdays!

January 2, 2010 was a very special day for our family. It was Matthew and Kathryn's birthday and they woke up early so we could open some presents because we needed to be at the church by 9:30 am for Matthew's baptism.

Matthew was so, so, so, excited to be baptized on his 8th birthday! We were so excited and proud of him and his decision to follow the example of the Savior. Matthew was baptized and confirmed by Jeremy. Both of his grandpas served as witnesses and Grandma Cox gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. He was so happy the rest of the day and we talked about how that was the Holy Ghost letting him now he made the right decision. The next day Matthew gave a talk about his feelings about being baptized to his class. Throughout the day I kept thinking about his blessing day. It seemed like yesterday he was a sweet little baby that I was dressing for his blessing and now he has made a covenant with God.After Matthew's baptism and confirmation (and while we still had our family and friends gathered at the church), Calvin was given a name and a beautiful blessing by Jeremy. We are so grateful for this sweet little guy and what he has added to our family. Like all our other babies, Calvin had a special blessing blanket made in Bethlehem that I brought home from Israel.

I was so grateful for a good husband who honors his priesthood and could bless my boys that day.

After the stuff at church we went to my dad's office for a birthday party and luncheon. My mom took lots of pictures that I posted to facebook, but they take forever to upload on blogger so here is the most important one.

The Birthday Kids!
Matthew (8), Katie (7), and their cousin Josh (6).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh Willy...

Will has said the funniest things yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday to me: "Mom, we're [Ash and Will] going to Grandma's to get Levi and tell him to bring his ukulele and join our rock and roll band.
Later that day to Levi: "Hey Levi, do you want to be in my band?"

First thing this morning:
Will (calling from his bedroom waking me up): Mom!... Mom!... Mom...!
Me: What?
Will: Do you love Dad?
Me: Yes. (Very tired)
Will: Me too! I love Dad. He is the best pal I ever had.

Later today:
Jer: What's your name?
Will: William
Jer: William what?
Will: William Henrie Joseph Cox
Jer: Are you a Henrie
Will: I am a Henrie Joseph Cox
Will: Can I call you Joe?
Jer: No. You can call me William if you want to.

A few minutes later... he announced, "My new nickname is Joe." Then he left the room.

A few minutes after that Will walked back into the room...
Jer: Hey Joe, what do you know?
Will: I know nothin' Dad.

Cal was laying on the living room floor and Will came and lay beside him and said, "Hi! Cutie Pie!" Then in baby-ese, "Does your Mommy love you? Yes. Yes, she loves you. Yes she loves you."

Then he decided Cal needed some entertaining so he started spinning around. And narrating, "Calvin is saying 'What you doing big brother?' Now, I'm saying, 'I'm spinning around little brother.'" This went on for a few minutes before he got too dizzy.

Then he said, "Mom, you better leave the room. I just tooted!" (BOYS!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Night at the Museum(s)

To celebrate Matthew and Katie's birthdays we went up north to the aquarium and dinosaur museum. That was our first visit to the dinosaur place and it was awesome!

Will clinging to Jeremy's leg out of fear. Ha Ha... He was scared of the fish at the aquarium and absolutely terrified (screaming) during the 3D Dinosaur movie. During the movie Ashton shouted down the aisle to him, "Will, take off the freaky glasses! That will solve the problem!" To listen to him describe the movie you can go to www.youtube.com/jerandjill. (You can't see anything because we recorded it in the van on the way home.)